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CP & Me

Postby thisbliss » Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:32 am

Hello. I was just looking for a community of people with cerebral palsy. I have only met one other person with cerebral palsy and he was four years old. It was nice to teach him in Sunday School, but other than God we can't really relate a lot of experiences yet. I grew up with mild cerebral palsy. I was told that I shouldn't really talk about it. Well, the last few years I have decided that I'm not going to do that any more. There are some differences that people perceive in me and it would be helpful to know. At least I hope it might help to be more open about my disability. Also, I don't think I'm a poor example of my disability. I try hard and I do function. I think most people with disabilities adapt and function quite beautifully in society. I'm not embarrassed at how I am and what makes me who I am. I guess that's what I'm trying to say. Any ways, more recently people notice that I have a limp and I'm slow. The thing that really made me want to talk about it was a man grabbed my face to get my attention. Sometimes I have a hard time focusing, especially when it's something when I feel like the conversation might be mean. He grabbed my cheeks in his hands and got right up into my face. Then he stepped back and smacked his palm and said sometimes he just wanted to hit me. I don't know if I told him I had CP before that moment or not. I don't think it's appropriate for people to be grabbing my face. It has nothing to do with cerebral palsy. That is a very intimate gesture. So I have been telling people the way that some people tell people they are recovering alcoholics. Sometimes my statements are appropriate to the conversation. Sometimes they are not and I'm sure the person I'm talking to looks at me like they must be polite but they think I am nuts. I don't care. I want to be comfortable with me. I am beginning to see how much this disability has effected my life. I never realized because I was told it isn't very perceivable but it's been there this whole time. I am certain my life is where it is today because I struggle through some issues with my disability. Any ways, that's me. I hope I can find some friendship and understand how it effects other people, too. Thank you!