Ken'i has mild dystonic CP

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Ken'i has mild dystonic CP

Postby Proud mom of Ken'i » Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:02 am

My name is Destiny and my son Ken'i has mild Dystonic CP. Ken'i is a very smart, loving and alert child who's always happy to be around his father and I. My family and I feels that Ken'i is a normal child, and we don't treat him like anything less than that because all he knows is that he's Ken'i he's normal, and he has a family that loves him, and I would like to keep it that way. Ken'i attends a regular daycare with regular children like the average child. although he can't sit up by himself or walk independently yet, I still have hope that he can because he wants to do those things so bad. He was diagnosed in November 2011, a month after him turning 1. His father and I knew something was wrong around him turning 3 months old because he wouldnt do much but just lay there. We took him to the doctors more than usual and all of them told us the same things like: every baby is different, or when he wants to crawl he will, or maybe he's just lazy,and the infamous do 30 minutes of tunny time everyday...ect and the the list goes on and on. The funny thing is that I told the doctors that my child had CP before they even diagnosed him. I asked them reptedly to run test on him and time after time they refused. We have had him in OT/PT/ and speech for almost a yr now and I believe that its working a little with the help of my family and I relaxing him and massaging him and doing daily excercises also with him being around other kids and seeing them walk and run. Now I know that having a child with CP takes alot of patients or having a special needs child in general takes alot of patients but does anyone else have a child like mines who is sitting up independently? walking independently? or even talking at age 2 with CP?