Tough start for little Marissa

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Tough start for little Marissa

Postby TCAS787 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:22 pm

I am the dad of a little girl that will turn 1 in a couple weeks. My wife and I love her so much and thing she is the cutest baby ever :) Well Marissa got diagnosed with cerebral palsy (spastic) last week. Until then we were told that she is all healthy and fine even she does not grab with her right hand, arm and moves her right leg slow. She was premature due to toxemia and started a monthly therapy at 7 months.
It is hard for both my wife and me that our little daughter has to go through so much. It starts to make me mad that the doctors may have been able to prevent this. As first time parents we trusted them and didn't worry too much. Although we massage and do exercises with her for a couple months already. Now she needs to go to rehab. The appointment is on the last day of March. That seems like it is forever...


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Re: Tough start for little Marissa

Postby admin » Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:15 am

Hi Eric,
I wish Marissa the best and understand your frustration. It does sound like she might have relatively mild CP like I do. I get around pretty well and do use crutches for long walks. It sounds like you are already well on the way to getting the proper treatment for her. Also, if you have a Shriners around your area, it might be worth looking into as the doctors there have a lot of experience in treating children with disabilities.