Depression in children: more than just a mood

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Depression in children: more than just a mood

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What is depression in children?
Childhood depression is a severe mood disorder that can take away happiness from a child's life.
It is normal for a child to be moody or sad from time to time. Such feelings can be expected after the death of his pet or moving to a new city, but if these feelings persist for weeks or months, they may be a sign of depression.
Experts used to believe that only adults can develop depression, but it was found that depression in children does exist and sometimes needs intensive treatment. It was found that depression rates are widespread among children with the following numbers:

3 out of every 100 young children suffer from depression.
9 out of 100 teenagers suffer from severe depression.
Although these numbers are relatively large, many children still do not get the treatment they need, and the reason for this is that there may be difficulties in distinguishing between depression and moods only.

It is worth noting that depression in children can range from moderate to severe, as a child who feels lightly sad may suffer from partial depression, which is a less severe type and easier to treat.Symptoms of depression in children
Symptoms of depression in children are divided into two groups as follows:

1. Psychological symptoms of depression in children
The psychological symptoms consisted of all of the following:

Experiencing boredom most of the time.
Not feeling the joy of things that the child enjoyed in the past.
Hallucinations, hearing voices that are not present.
Feeling of helplessness or guilt.
Thinking of death and suicide.
2. Physical symptoms of depression in children
A child with depression may show the following physical symptoms:

Weight gain or loss.
Sleeping too much or too little.
Difficulty concentrating.
Difficulty thinking and making decisions.
Speak slower than before.
stomach pain.
Symptoms of depression in children are often overlooked at first, and sometimes it is difficult to understand all the symptoms related to the same problem, as symptoms may change depending on the age of the child.

So parents should talk to their children to find out how they feel and what they think? In the event that parents feel that their child is depressed, they must go to the doctor for treatment quickly, and thus improve at a better pace.

What causes depression in children?
It's still not understood exactly what causes depression in children, but it's often linked to an imbalance of chemicals in the brain that affect mood.

Factors that may cause an imbalance of these chemicals include:

Exposure to stressful events, such as: a change of school, a divorce of parents, or the death of a family member.
Taking certain medications, such as steroids or narcotic pain medications.
Family history, as in some children depression is hereditary
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