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Hi, i'm new and i'm not sure where to start..............

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 7:22 am
by Ellie'sMum
My daughter was diganosed with mild left hemiplegia CP when she was 4 months old, she's now almost 20 months old and can 'bum shuffle', crawl and pull herself to standing she's not able to walk yet.

She has made such a massive leap and i know she is very lucky to be as mild as she is, but it still doesn't stop it hurting when i see everyone eles kids her age running around.

I had a horrible Health Visitor who told me i was fussing over nothing and then when we got the diagnosis she said Ellie 'wasn't disabled enough' to get any extra help, however i fought that and Ellie now receives DLA. We've since moved out of that area and i'm with a new Health Visitor (who doesn't seem to know much about CP) and she keeps asking when Ellie will be starting Toddler groups, and i know its totally selfish but i'm just not ready for all the questions from the other mothers, does anyone else feel like this?

We just feel so alone, and although her Physio is great we just feel like we need to talk to other people who have been through this. Our families are great but they haven't been through it so its hard for them, and my sister is in total denial about it and claims its something she'll grow out of.

We have just had another daughter, Willow, who is almost 6 months and we're really hoping that as she grows up she'll be able to teach Ellie things, and Ellie can teach her things.

Basically i'm feeling so alone and finding so hard to deal with this that i just need to talk to people who have been through this.