New to the forum lots of questions

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New to the forum lots of questions

Postby billsc4 » Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:11 am


I just joined the forum this morning and I have some questions? I was born with CP so that is all I've ever known. I am 34 years of age and have been diagnosed with Depression recently but the good news is that my current regime of meds seem to be helping a great deal. I also suffer from GERD and high blood pressure both of which I have been taking meds for for a long time. I am from a very small town in Canada and my ability to talk about changes that are happening with my body to someone who might have suffered the same thing are limited because I am the only person I know with CP of this type.

I have excellent upper body strength my arms and shoulders are not at all affected. My lower limbs are affected greatly. I have had numerous operations at the Shriners Hospital in Montreal all before the age of 18 which improved my ability to walk. Without them I don't believe I would have been able to do much. I have to thank both my parents for giving me the drive and desire to succeed as without them I wouldn't be where I am today.

Only in the last year have my lower limbs experienced any great amount of discomfort. I have many aches and pains in the morning hours. It actually takes me until about noon everyday to feel half way decent. I am having more and more difficulty getting my feet dressed and for me to do any work outside......I have to do the work from my knees and if I complete a task one day it takes me about 3 days to recover. My questions are these......Is this normal to have these aches and pains and if so how do you treat them??? What types of exercise program are you on if any??

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Welcome Bill

Postby admin » Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:59 am

Hi Bill,
I am now 30 years of age and am experiencing much of the same issues that you are. Not sure what programs may be available to assist as I believe that age just takes its toll on us with CP more than it would compared to people without a physical disability. I recently went to my doctor and have been taking an anti-depressant along with a pain med. Those seem to help me out quite a bit but it is going to vary from person to person depending on the severity of your CP. Also, try doing some stretching at night before bed. Because of the lack of movement while sleeping, your muscles will tighten up. The stretching will help keep your muscles from tensing up while you sleep. Hope that helps and feel free to contact me anytime.


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Re: New to the forum lots of questions

Postby chai28 » Tue Jun 29, 2010 8:54 pm

Hi Bill
I am a mother of a 29 year old daughter with CP. She takes Wellbutrin for her depression. She has tried many antidepressants, but people who have CP can have severe spasticity as a side effect of the antidepressants. Thank the Lord above that Wellbutrin has worked for her.


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Re: New to the forum lots of questions

Postby billsc4 » Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:12 pm

Thanks for the info on the antidepressant ....I have been on Paxil and remeron for sometime with good success for the most part the winter months are the longest for me .....I wish I lived in a warmer climate I just wonder what life will be like when I'm 50 or 60 if it hurts this much joints and bones ache steady.

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Re: New to the forum lots of questions

Postby bbreeze413 » Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:32 pm

Hey there. I have a differ sort of CP but, if I like do alot of cleaning and moving things for hours...Yes, I start to hurt. If I had the sort of pain you do...Id go see a doctor about it and see what he/she thinks you should do. There has to be something you can take too relax you plus stop the pain. I sometimes think about what am I going to do when I'm older...But, I try not too. I have a friend in NJ that might have the same type you do. She also tells me how much she hurts if she is really really active.
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