Student Project - Redesigning Strollers - Shortened Survey

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Student Project - Redesigning Strollers - Shortened Survey

Postby DesignStudent » Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:09 pm

Hi! :D My name is Katrina Marie and I am a student designer at San Jose State University currently attempting to design a modern stroller for children with CP.

For this project I am collecting information through research and interviews. [The more you say and the more detailed your answers are, the more help you are providing me. :) You may skip some questions if you wish, any questions answered help greatly. And of course all information disclosed will be held confidential.] If you wish to respond to me privately please send me your responses in a private message on my profile, or you may email me at studentdesignsurveys at gmail.

I thank you highly in advance! [I also apologize if I am posting this in the wrong place or something, I am new. I also apologize if I said anything wrong, I only wish to learn from you; please do correct me in anything you see needs correcting.]



- What type of CP does your child have?

- How old is your child?
[if currently older than 5 years, please recall back to when your child was 0-5 years old when answering these questions.]

- Do you take your child to an acupuncturist/acupressurist as a type of physical therapy?

- Where do you usually go when you go out with your child (for non-medical purposes)?

- How long does it take for you to prepare your child to go out?

-What is the make and model of the stroller you use for your child with CP? Please list all strollers if more than one was/is used.

- Please list the extra items you bring for your child when going out
[ex: extra set of clothes, diapers]

- About how much would you say these supplies weight in total?

- What items do you bring for YOURSELF when you go out with your child? [ex: purse, cup of coffee]

- Have YOU ever injured yourself when folding/unfolding your stroller? Please explain:

- Do you have any other instances where you have injured yourself from the stroller?

- Are there any other problems that you have with your child’s stroller?

- Anything else you would like to share?
[Such as more info about your child with CP, features you would like to see in strollers for children with CP, etc. Pretty much any information relevant to CP, your child with CP, strollers, wheelchairs would be greatly appreciated. Ex: Taking your child to an acupuncturist to help improve motor skills, etc.]


Again, I thank you VERY MUCH for assisting me in my project and participating in this survey. If you wouldn't mind me contacting you for further information/questions, please let me know. THANKS! :D
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Re: Strollers made for children with CP

Postby DesignStudent » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:39 pm

Sorry for leading people on to thinking this post is about what's available and on the market for strollers made for children with CP.

Here are some links for current strollers:

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Re: Student Project - Redesigning Strollers - Shortened Surv

Postby subrata » Sun May 15, 2011 4:51 am

Hi DesignStudent ,
Nice work.Thanks for those real necessary information. :) :)