Cerebral Palsy App Idea

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Cerebral Palsy App Idea

Postby vsb321 » Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:56 pm

Hello! I am going to be a junior in high school next year and I am also a student with cerebral palsy. My neighbor, also a college admissions officer, recently asked me "What is something that makes you unique from most other students at your school?". I was sadly unable to answer this question. Then it came to me that I have cerebral palsy and I have a passion for computer science.

Personally, I feel very lucky to be diagnosed with a very mild cerebral palsy, as I am only hemiplegic and weaker on my left side of my body. Because of this, I am able to do everything a normal person can, with some minor, inevident walking problems. At this moment, I am being cereal casted for the last time.

Creating an app to help out fellow children with cerebral palsy would look good on my college app and would make me feel like I have helped out children who share some of the same problems that I do. I have an idea of making an IOS (iPhone and iPad) app that would help physical therapists and children with cerebral palsy, but have no set plan yet.

My tentative idea is:
1. The child and physical therapist would login to the app to look at at/set an agenda of things to do.
2. the child would do his/her agenda at home and they could send videos/messages to the physical therapist if needed.
3. There would be 3D models, sources and videos to help the children complete their agenda efficiently.
4. The children would earn points each day they successfully achieve their therapist's goals.
5. Once the children achieve a certain amount of points, they would earn some sort of prize.
6. There will be a "Learn about CP" tab to teach people (who are not familiar with cerebral palsy) what it is.
7. Donations will be taken which will then be sent towards children with cerebral palsy worldwide.
7. (Future idea) App would monitor children's footsteps to inform their therapists how much they are walking.
8. (Future idea) App will eventually be available to android users and there will be a website.
9. The app would be free and easy to use (graphically), as this is the only way many children can effectively use it.

I need the following suggestions: name for the app, user interface of the app, how the app would be used, how it would fit both of my targeted audiences, etc. If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know as soon as you can. Any advice would mean a lot to me, as this could be one of my biggest factors on my college applications and could help children and therapists out.

Thank you!