Exercise and General Purpose Gripping Aids

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Exercise and General Purpose Gripping Aids

Postby Gareth » Wed May 10, 2017 8:26 am


I just wanted to pop a post up for anyone who suffers from a disability that affects their hand/finger function. There's a company called Active Hands that manufactures and distributes a variety of gripping aids that are specifically designed for people who have trouble holding onto things such as: gym apparatus, weights, tools, sports equipment, handlebars etc. They're both comfortable and durable, and are attached round the wrist using a combination of loops and velcro, meaning they can be done up with ease even if you have no finger movement at all. Rob, the guy behind Active Hands, has also made a disability gym workout video, where he shows how to use all the products and the kinds of exercises you can do with them; which can be found on the Active Hands homepage.

I'm a quadriplegic myself, having suffered a C5 spinal injury whilst driving in 2005. This has resulted in me having limited triceps and no finger function, so I rely on my Active Hands products every time I go to the gym or need to keep a firm grip on something. They've given me freedom, have helped me build up my strength and contributed to me being able to live an independent life. I've used these products for years and now work for Active Hands to help promote them and make as many people as possible aware of their benefits.

I'll leave a link to the website at the bottom, where you can find all the gripping products they manufacture as well as an ever-expanding selection of new disability products that are created by others but distributed by Active Hands. So if you or someone you know has issues with anything from gripping weights to tying shoelaces, opening packages to holding a mobile phone; there's a good chance Active Hands may have the ideal solution!