Cerebral Palsy Exercise App For Kids

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Cerebral Palsy Exercise App For Kids

Postby vsb321 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:36 am


My name is Vijay Baliga and I posted about making an exercise app for children with CP, about a year ago. As a refresher, here is a quick summary of the app:

    Physical therapists can enter exercises picked specifically for kids with CP.
    The kids will have to do those exercises everyday, and mark those exercises as complete.
    For each complete exercise, the child gets points where they can then be rewarded by their parents for the amount of points they have.
    Easy-to-read report systems are displayed showing the child's exercise progress. Exercises can be added and removed from the child's plan.

Good news, the app is finished! The app is called CP-Fit and is currently on the iOS app store free for download. An android version may be coming in the near future.

Please leave feedback, spread the word about the app, and follow our social media for updates on the app. This would mean a lot to me, as the app is for a good cause. Visit http://www.cp-fit.com