Small Item Gripping Aid

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Small Item Gripping Aid

Postby Gareth » Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:40 am

Hey, so most people will be aware of the various gym and sport related gripping aids made by Active Hands, but I just wanted to mention that they've just launched a new gripping aid designed for small items such as pens/razors/toothbrushes/paint brushes/various make-up items etc. It's really easy to put on and then swap between items you want to hold. I was lucky enough to test one out when they were trialing them and it worked even better than I had hoped.

You can check it out here:

I should also metion that they've started stocking various other aids and accessories to help people with limited finger function or grip. Things such as the Saebo Stretch, the Reacher/Grabber, the Receive-All etc. There are aids to help with sports, gardening, DIY, kitchen activities, dressing, day to day things etc, I use a number of them on a daily basis to help me be independent and think they're well worth checking out at the Active Hands shop.

Hope this can be of use to people!