Infant care equipment

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Infant care equipment

Postby niceneotech » Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:45 am

Nice Neotech Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd., nice stands for ‘Neonatal Intensive Care Equipments’ amplifies the objectives of the organization. Nice neotech provides the infant care equipment and exports these health care equipments. The equipments range include Infant Open care system, Infant Incubator, Transport Incubator, Infant Radiant Warmers etc. Our main health care product equipments are Neonatal Transilluminator, Observation Trolley, Infant Radiant Warmers, Baby incubator, Neonatal Open Care Systems, CFL Phototherapy Manufacturer, LED Phototherapy, Resuscitation Warmer, NICU Accessories, Baby Weighing Scale. Baby Incubator products in Nice Neotech, nice 3010 H – Baby Incubator, nice 3010 – Baby Incubator, nice 3030 – Baby Incubator, Baby Weighing Scale, Baby Incubator, Baby Bassinet, Baby Cradle. Nice 5000R open care system a Micro-processor controlled Infant warming system with Resuscitation Open care Resuscitation Warmer. Manufacturers of Servo, three Mode of Operation Servo Skin, Servo Air and Manual Servo/Manual Infant Radiant warmers. Nice Infant Radiant Warmers, the equipment series are nice 5000 series, nice 2010 Series, nice 2007 Series, nice 2000 Series, Neonantal Radiant Warmers, Manual Radiant Warmers and Resuscitation Warmer. The advanced Microprocessor based controller is loaded with a full spectrum of unique features to support the needs of most
special patients.

Nice Neotech the medical Infant Transport Incubator, Neonatal Transport incubator, Baby Transport Incubator, Transport Incubator Manufacturer the Orchid 3000 Transport baby incubator microprocessor controlled system with Air and Skin Modes of operation. CFL Phototherapy, CFL Phototherapy Manufacturer, Bilirubin CFL phototherapy, Infant Radiant Warmer, Resuscitation Warmer, infant resuscitator, Neonatal equipment exporters, Neonatal equipment manufacturers, Neonatal Intensive Care Equipments, Infant equipment manufacturers, Infant equipment exporters. Observation trolley, specially designed with Single molded Acrylic bassinet
with soft mattress for comfortable baby lay and comes with a large working area. The Transparent Acrylic bassinet with infant bassinet facilitates better visibility to monitor the baby from the long distance. NICU Accessories, Nice Neotech offers verity of NICU Accessories and NICU Equipment, Nicu layout design, Electrical Slow Suction, Nasal CPAP, Nasal Prong, Oxygen Flow Regulator, Humidifiers Clamp, Ventilator/CPAP Stand, Patient Circuit Arm.

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Re: Infant care equipment

Postby simkelyte » Fri Sep 23, 2016 4:47 am

Thanks for information i really want to know more about infant equipment!