Uni project Bicycles for those that have movement difficulty

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Uni project Bicycles for those that have movement difficulty

Postby Andyou » Thu Feb 16, 2012 2:58 pm

I am doing a Masters in Engineering with the Open University, and our team project is to look at a bicycle to assist the younger generation into cycling. We have decided to go down route of looking at designing a concept bicycle for those that have additional needs, and are canvassing for opinions for those that it would affect. The trouble is that none of us have any direct experience of this condition, and while we are happy to read about the condition online, it doesn’t compare to direct experience.
So if you could please answer a few questions then that would be amazing. If not, then thanks for reading this far and I would like to say that your website is very good.

1) When are the biggest barriers to cycling by yourself (or if you do, that you find most difficult/uncomfortable)?
2) Would taking part in exercise (e.g. cycling) outdoors be a help or a hindrance your health? (That is, by going outdoors and exerting himself are you more liable to get a cold etc., than feel the benefit of the exercise?)
3) Do you need to take extra equipment with you when venturing outdoors (including medication)?

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Re: Uni project Bicycles for those that have movement diffic

Postby pudetat » Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:31 pm

let me take a stab at this, though it's probably too late. i do not have CP, but have been a teacher of some who do, as well as others with mobility issues. biggest barriers:
1. getting out of the house and onto the bike. sounds oversimplistic but there you have it.
2. the availability of power wheelchairs.
3. the availability of safe locations/destinations to ride to.
4. risk of loss/theft of the bike.
5. the need for assistance or chapparone.

outdoor activity: beyond the obvious general benefit of exersize this is one that must be answered by others.

extra equipment: oh this one is easy. why would you want to go somewhere on a bike and not take anything with you? cell phone, house keys, communication device, snack, meds. this list could go on all day. why don't you just assume that a bike developed for someone with mobility issues will need to be equipped with places to put things.