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Discuss mobility tools (hand controls for driving, wheelchairs, walking aids) used to assist you with everyday life.
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Classroom Mgmt & Home Mgmt is HERE!

Postby CerebralStong » Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:17 pm

First of, hello to all the CP parents on this forum! My name is Kristie, I am a mother of child with CP and a physical therapist assistant in pediatrics.

I have been fortunate enough to have just attended some very hands-on and resourceful expos, particularly the Abilities Expo ( and t :D he ( As both a parent and PT assistant I have found some extremely effective durable medical equipment which is not easy to come by.

My school and other CP parents at home have not had the best transparency in equipment the past few years. I think one of the more popular company we used was Rifton but I give them a 7/10 for efficacy. Of course, the best things do not always come from our great country here -- in regards to equipment and healthcare.
I found the two European companies, one British and other Irish, to be simply fantastic and I won't to spread the good work. I have compiled a lot of info online from both, as they both have reps here in the United States.

Smirthwaite : they are a British company that just hired reps in the states but in the past used Flaghouse Distributor

Firefly friends by Leckey: they are from Northern Island and also have a distributor called Otto Bock

I am currently using both brand products at home and PT room at work and have phased out most Rifton, Theradapt stuff.

Send me an e-mail to person address if you would like more info or feedback
Kristie Previte