Empathy for Erin

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Empathy for Erin

Postby katiehosier » Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:59 pm


Her whole life, Erin has struggled with cerebral palsy. And now she is very sick. 97% of her stomach is failing, and she is down drastically in weight - only 54 lbs. Unfortunately, a day without extreme pain is rare for Erin these days and mobility can be quite a challenge.

She's a fighter, a giver, a lover, a supporter, and a friend. She is always willing to show up to be there for others. And now, she needs people to show up for her more than ever.

Erin has been in and out of the hospital, more times this year than we care to count. The medical bills have been staggering.

Erin's father and sister have passed away due to medical conditions. Erin's mother has been doing everything in her power to take care of her.

With financial resources exhausted and debt piling up, they are being forced to sell their home. Where Erin grew up. Meanwhile, the financial burdens don't even measure up to the emotional burdens.

We are asking for help and empathy. Erin & her mom deserves to live a safe, comfortable life. All donations, prayers, positive vibes, affirmations, and love are appreciated!!!

Please continue to come back to check out updates on Erin's condition. #EmpathyForErin