123 hp com envy5540

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123 hp com envy5540

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WiFi extenders are designed to eliminate and strength your organization spots and home remote organization, individually. The WiFi promoters intensify the remote signs got from the current home WiFi router and retransmit them in supported structure. Along these lines, the WiFi signals strength increments in pretty much every edge of your home or work environment.

123 hp com envy5540

The absolute first thing for the Linksys WiFi extender arrangement is to sign into its online administrator board. Consider the beneath referenced strides for login: 123 hp com envy5540 mac

Place your Linksys range extender near to your home WiFi router.

Turn on your Linksys extender and wait for a few minutes until the power LED turns amber to solid green.

After that, take an Ethernet cable and try to connect your WiFi extender to the router.

Run any web browser on your desktop or laptop and visit extender.linksys.com address.