Cerebral palsy diagnosis in India

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Cerebral palsy diagnosis in India

Postby TrishlaCP » Fri Oct 07, 2016 12:33 am

There are lots of symptoms seen in cerebral palsy children like Muscle Tone (includes Hypotonia, Hypertonia, Dystonia, Mixed, Muscle spasms, Fixed joints , Abnormal neck or truncal tone, Clonus), Movement , coordination and control (it includes Spastic movements, Athetoid or dyskinetic movements, Ataxic movements, Mixed movements, Gait disturbances), Reflex, Posture, body balancing, Gross motor function, Fine motor function, are many more effect seen in cerebral palsy disorder. Complete diagnosis of cerebral palsy is not posible in infant. It takes 2 to 3 months for complete cerebral palsy diagnosis in infant. Trishla Foundation, best cerebral palsy diagnosis and cerebral palsy treatment center in India. It provide better help to those children who suffer from cerebral palsy, limb deformity, orthopedic and other physical disability problems. If you want to know more about cerebral palsy treatment or wants Free cerebral palsy treatment then vist website http://www.trishlafoundation.com or contact with Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain, best cerebral palsy specialist in India for better help or information via mail jjain999@gmail. com