My CP daughter have taken this stem cell health supplement

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My CP daughter have taken this stem cell health supplement

Postby MumofDesireena » Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:37 pm


My name is Del from Singapore. I am mum of a Cerebral palsy kid.

I have decided to share this info/product to all CP patients.

My daughter is 3 year old with CP. She was diagnosed with brain meningitis when she was 1 week old and she is a CP patient with partial hearing loss on both side of her ears, drooling and spastic on her left leg so she is wearing leg braces now. She is eating porridge for the past 2 years 10 months as she is unable to chew on rice which will cause her to choke.

Recently i was recommended this health supplement from my country , Singapore, it is a stem cell health supplement with ingredients like evening primrose oil, collagen, aloe vera, herbs, deer placenta etc. It is made in enteric coated capsules. Products are Made in New Zealand. With all the certification that the supplement is a safe product. every order of capsules come with a A4 folder with the booklet, Invoice and delivery order. All bottles come with bar code, serial number and seal.

I have spoken to the salesman if the product can be courier overseas, he told me its not a problem at all as he have courier the product to many countries before.
And the courier fee for sending to overseas is Free. He minus out the courier fee from his own commission.

I bought a box for my daughter to try and although its enteric coated ( which mean you have to swallow the whole capsules down as it won't melt even with hot water)
I was taught to use a toothpick to poke on the top of the capsules and squeeze all the liquid out on a spoon and spoon feed to my daughter.

It seems to have improvement in her overall development, we are so happy because she can stand up and walk for the furthest 15 steps without falling. Previously she can only walk 3 to 5 steps. Her drooling seems to subside and she is eating rice now instead of porridge. I have not bring her for the 6 months once hearing test appointment yet, i will get to know if it improve on her hearing too.

The product will be courier from Singapore, i do not mind to help you all to take down the orders and place the order with the company.

I am a parent of a CP child, i am merely here to share this product and helping out. I am not here to advertise for the company. You can message me for more info.

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