Yoga therapy against CP

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Yoga therapy against CP

Postby Arussven » Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:47 am

Competent use the real yoga therapy is a path of a victory over a children's CP!

1.I use my yoga therapy against SP children/teenagers at the age approximately from 7 till 15 years.
It is defined by the several causes:
- It is very important for me to have a direct contact to the small patient and it is mutually good to perceive each other without any other person.
- It is necessary for every my patient to have the patience and desire to make many different physical exercises
- the most later period - the teenagers age. It is important for locomotor system.
2. Besides, I work with those children and teenagers who did not have surgical operations on muscles and tendons.
3. My patient should have a good development of cerebral activity.

At observance of these minimum conditions I am ready to start to be engaged in his or her rehabilitation.
My work is based on complex influence without medicines. Basically I use the integrated yoga therapy and massage.
As additional influence I make and I apply special overlays and other constructions to bracing final for some time during rest and special training.
My procedures provide the complex influence on all organism. We train:
- Breathing
- Relaxation
- Stretching
- Coordination hands, trunks, a head and feet movements
- Special yoga exercises
- Physical strength, persistence and endurance
Rehabilitation time depends on many factors: the type of CP, age and specific/individual capacity of the real patient. But with diligent and persevering employment the first notable results can be received after some months. The real end results can be reached during from one to (maximum) 2 - 3 years.
There was in my practice a teenager at the age of 15 with which I have started my rehabilitation. Before my first visit to him he was able to grabble, never stood on the feet and could not move adequately hands. He had defects with speech. In one year of special yoga training with me he has learnt to go, use public transport independently. In one and a half year he was able to run! It is a real wonder!
I have my experience with difficult patients (adults and children, various illnesses) during 20 years. During 45 years I am engaged in yoga.
Good luck!

Yours faithfully, Alexander

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Re: Yoga therapy against CP

Postby kevin890 » Fri Sep 02, 2011 8:24 am

Yoga therapy against CP is really effective. Specially for children. Because children with cerebral palsy may have several motor control problems: spasticity, causing a higher than normal amount of muscle tone; hypotonia, causing a lower than normal amount of tone; athetosis, causing involuntary movements; ataxia, impairing balance and control; or any combination of these. Therefore the controlled full-body movements in yoga can counteract these motor deficits. Poses and exercise intensity may need to be modified to a child's level of ability.
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