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Men’s Tactical, Outdoor, Casual Clothing and Accessories

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What to wear at a funeral if you don’t like suits
Funerals are the only event we don’t feel joy in attending. There are stressful events, and looking for what to wear makes it a challenging experience. When it comes to what to wear, men are used to wearing black or any dark-coloured suit to show etiquette. If you don't like wearing suits, you don't have to skip a funeral. There are other endless options you can go for. However, it is important to wear something that will blend in. Don't wear something that says, "I'm happy to be here”. Here are a few attires available at Wayrates that you can wear when you don’t have a suit.
1. Sweater and dress pants
Not having a tie or a dress shirt in your closet shouldn't stop you from attending the funeral. You can choose to wear a nice sweater and dress pants, especially when the weather is a bit chilly. Choose a shirt that is well-knitted and made from wool or cotton. Make sure both pieces are in dark colours. Also, avoid having busy prints on your sweater since that won’t be funeral appropriate. When the weather is too cold, wear a button-down shirt underneath the sweater for warmth.
2. Polo and khakis
Polos are the best to wear to a funeral. However, when you have no other choice, go for polo shirts paired with the dressiest pants in your wardrobe. You can choose to go for dress pants such as chinos and khakis. When it comes to colour, you can choose to go for one in black, navy blue or dark grey. Make sure you tuck in your shirt andwear ablack belt. Wear a nice pair of dress shoes to complete the look.This is the most casual look you can wear to a funeral, but what matters most is your effort to pay your respects.
3. Sport coat, dress shirt, tie and dress pants
Perhaps you don’t have a suit, but you have a men’s tactical jacket or blazer. You can choose to pair your jacket with a button-down shirt, tie and dress pants. Make sure your tie is dark in colour. Make sure you choose a dress shirt that is solid white if possible. Also, keep your shoes dark and dressy.
Experiment with different styles, including men’s tactical clothing , and see what is not appropriate for the funeral.