cp dx with normal mri results

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cp dx with normal mri results

Postby proudmumof2 » Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:42 am

My daughter is almost 15mths with fluctuating muscle tone she had a mri which was normal but her neurologist dx her with mixed cp / dystonia

I don't understand how she can have cp with a normal mri is this normal and is it normal for the muscle tone to go away?? (hers did for 2 weeks twice now)
she can roll crawl w sit - independently sit if we put her in this position pull to stand and small amount of cruising

Her hamstrings are tight which make her hips and back tight but that changes from day to day
I am just confused with her dx and feel like the neurologist put my daughter in the hard pile and bluffing us off he doesn't even want to follow up with her unless she gets worse I just don't know we're to go from here anyadvice would be great our anyone's little one who is going though the same thing

P.s she was small for gestation and failure to thrive and her tone has improved greatly since birth