Does my baby have mild CP?

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Does my baby have mild CP?

Postby BiancaH » Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:52 am

Hi everyone!
My name is Bianca and I have a five month old boy. He is nothing short of amazing, so quiet, so good, and so sweet. I started noticing he was not reaching some of his milestones such as lifting his head during tummy time, reaching for objects, his hands had tremors, and he had jerky movements. His head also would hang, and his back would curl forward when I put him in a sitting position. I took him to the doctor at four months old hoping they would tell me to stop worrying, that he was just very chubby and may be a little behind! HOWEVER, the pediatrician seemed concerned too. They advised me to see a neurologist and start early intervention right away. Since then we have had no answers. His EEG, and MRI both came back normal, but they did find a small deletion in his chromosome 7q. We are seeing a geneticist soon for more info, but I still think back to his birth. He was overdue 10 days, born almost 10 pounds, and the cord was around his neck twice. No other complications, but a slightly high bilirubin count that they allowed us to go home with. So far, with PT, he can now lift his head two inches during tummy time, but cannot roll over yet. He can also hold his head up straight for a few minutes before he gets tired and lets it hang. He is starting to reach for objects but cant reach far, and cannot transfer objects from one hand to the other. During tummy time, he cant lift his arms in front so that they can push his trunk up.
We have been told one thing for now, to wait to see what happens, and that the only thing DRs can tell me is that he has truncal hypotonicity. Did any moms out there see similar signs? His communication is perfect, follows with his eyes, he can hear perfectly...but he has motor delays, is constantly constipated (which is also another sign i have read is associated with CP), and growls instead of talks lol.
Please, any replies would help ease my mind! No matter the result, I will love him the same! He is still my life..I just want some answers.

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Re: Does my baby have mild CP?

Postby TrishlaCP » Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:12 am

Hello BiancaH
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