Help, Will my cute son with mild CP walk one day?

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Help, Will my cute son with mild CP walk one day?

Postby michelle2010 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:51 am

Hey, everybody, I am new to here and from Canada but live in Shanghai now. Hope to stay connected with you all. I find this website and groups here are quiet helpful.

I am very frustrated because my 2 and half year old son Darren who is a preemie born 2 months earlier has been diagnosied as mild CP when he was 19 months. Since my son did not have high muscle tones so the several doctors who was seeinng him earlier did not even confirm he had CP, and we tried 2 times of MRI but the test was not completed successfully because Darren cried and moved during MRI process. Until he was 19 months and still could not stand unassisted, then the neurologists and specialist in Shanghai here confirmed he could have mild CP with spastic on his legs. ( without the MRI test resulst) And he also had epilepsy at 2 and on medication right now.

He was showing normal after the birth however he did not hit the milestones afterwards, he sat on his own at 1, and crawl at 22 months. Since we are currently living in Shanghai, CHina, we are receving intensive therapy daily basis , PT and OT, there was imrovement for sure. And I also do the PT at home for him such as stretching, trained him stand.

My son was cute and happy I think his intelligence is normal, he talked well and could mimick well, his listening skill is very good, he loves the music and play the piano, he loves the car and crawled fast, and he has good memories and can count 1 to 100, he could even memorize and retell the story I told him. He could pull to stand, and crusied alot and could walk holding on something or hands, but he just could not stand on his own and walk on his own now. His rehabilitation doctor and PT told me during their observation, they found the key probem of my son is he is too cautious and not dare enough to do lots of movement on his own actually he could. His upper body was okay but his fine skill is delayed, recently he just started know to stack the blocks. But he was nervous when we asked him to stand on his own and must hold on something. Right now he can stand on his own leaning the wall at least 1 hour everyday.

Even though I showed strong infront of everyone and my husband , but had been crying almost every night because I could not believe this is the fact but as time goes by i started to accept, and I browsed lots of websites and found many kids with mild CP will grow up and getting close to normal kid and goes to normal school which inspired me alot.

The only concern i am having is will my son walk one day? I dont mind he is walking at 3 or 4 as long as he can walk on his own, I will be sooo happy. The rahabilitation doctor and therapist here in Shanghai told me that as long as he can crawl and cruise, he will walk one day. But his gait might be a little awkward, and they told me the gait can be corrected through braces or continuous PT, they also told me Darren can possbiliy go to normal school. I was happy to hear that but on the other hand I am afraid they are just comforting me and not tell me the truth. Honestly I do find he is improving, but I felt it is slow, and he is still cautious and likes to stick with me all the time. I am confident and trust he will make it one day, but i keep asking myself when??? Everytime I saw other normal kids running on the play ground my tears will come out for my son, I hope my sone will be one of them one day.

Has any one of you been through the similar experiences as mine and will like to share yours or any suggestion can give to me? I am thinking of bring my son back to Canada.
I heard the PT and OT is very good in North America, which rehaitliation center is the best? OR as a parent usually what will you do at home to exercise your kid?

thanks alot for your time if you read my long story.

Best wishes


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Re: Help, Will my cute son with mild CP walk one day?

Postby subrata » Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:26 am

Don't worry so much I Think your son will make it one day.Yes the PT and OT is very good in North America, which rehaitliation center is the best. :D

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Re: Help, Will my cute son with mild CP walk one day?

Postby nisi1976 » Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:27 am

My sons neurologist told me that if he sat before two, he would walk! So yes, I believe your son will walk one day! :)

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Re: Help, Will my cute son with mild CP walk one day?

Postby kameronsmother » Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:14 pm

I was going to say the same thing...if they can sit before 2 they will walk. You just have to take one day at a time and he sounds like he is doing great.

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Re: Help, Will my cute son with mild CP walk one day?

Postby shannan » Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:44 pm

hi this is my first post on here , i just wanted to let you know i had so many concerns when my son was 2 he was just then crawling and i felt so helpless i didnt think he would ever walk, then slowly with his ot and pt he was almost 3 and he took his first steps in a walker with wheels now he is 8 and is walking great and running has brace, and isnt perfect but he gets around wonderfully, i know how scared i was i really didnt think he would walk just have faith he will be running from you soon and you will be chasing with tears in your eyes.

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Re: Help, Will my cute son with mild CP walk one day?

Postby lewnic » Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:28 pm

hi there my i went thru exactly what your going thry and the best advice i got was to put my son in school early even tho he could not walk only crawl and hang on to things and when we put him into nursery and he saw all the other kids walking he came on so much he was walking in no time hope this helps and good luck i think he will be walking soon x