The first signs of CP - stages of development

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The first signs of CP - stages of development

Postby healthinmotion » Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:57 am

There are certain milestones that a child should reach as he develops. If this does not occur, it is possible that a child may have a neurological disorder or developmental delay. However, some of these conditions are preventable. With early detection and the proper treatment and care, a child may be able to overcome his condition and continue to progress like any child.

What will play a key role in your child’s development is the type of therapy that he will receive. Pediatric massage therapists, for example, have to be specialized in working with children that have different neurological disorders because a child’s treatment has to be tailored to his development. The same can be said for pediatric physiotherapy, which looks to teach a child complete functions and help him achieve his developmental milestones. In order to allow a child to progress, each of his therapies need to be linked to one another and tailored specifically to his needs. This can be done by teaching a child under a unified approach, as we have done with our LIFE Program (

The earlier that a child is diagnosed, the better his prospects are for minimizing any effects that could impact his development. Here is a basic guide we made of what to look for in your child’s progress, and what to watch out for as he grows older and interacts with the world around him:

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