Cerebral Palsy and Behavioral Issues

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Cerebral Palsy and Behavioral Issues

Postby My4Boys » Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:03 am

My youngest son has mild cerebral palsy. He is 5 years old. When I was 35 weeks pregnant I had heart problems and ended up having my heart shocked. This caused my son to have a stroke in utero which in turn caused him to have Cerebral Palsy. He has brain damage on the front left part of his brain (In fact on a scan picture it looks like he is actually missing that part of his brain). His Cerebral Palsy is so minor that most people can't tell there is anything wrong with him. His gait is slightly off when he walks, his right arm/hand has muscle weakness and it is more of a helper hand and his speech was affected! At the beginning we were told that the cerebral palsy could affect either his learning ability or his behavior. Well he is quite a smart kid but we have had some behavioral issues. Being my 4th kid I have seen many different behaviors! Some of his issues are different than I have seen in any of my other boys and more extreme! We discussed this with his Dr. who specialized in cerebral palsy and he told us that cerebral palsy does not affect behavior and this behavior issues must be because of our parenting. I don't buy this...the issues we deal with, with my youngest son are not ones I have ever had to deal with nor have I seen with the 3 older boys! Last night my son had a complete melt down like I have not seen before! It took us an hour and a half to calm him down and get him to sleep for the night!

What kind of behavioral issues have you dealt with? How important do you find it is to keep a routine?

Thanks so much!

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Re: Cerebral Palsy and Behavioral Issues

Postby shannan » Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:00 am

my son is 8 he has cp with delayed skills he is smart but is behind in age i guess they say, he has bad muscle tone in left side , arm and leg, foot. i notice a lot of behavior issues with him, when he was younger he would through fits so bad i would just sit and hold him on the couch while he screamed to keep him from hitting his head on the floor for hours , it got alot better and this was my first child so i had no idea what to expect, one therapist told us he would be very hard to disciplin when he got olderand now i know what they meant. he loves school but this year we moved to a different state because my mother in law passed away and we left out house and moved in with my father in law who has been sick to help out, other people arnt used to him so they dont know how to deal with him or arnt as patient as i have learned to be, anyway his routine has got messed up and different school and they have integrated class rooms and i am still not happy with the school but he has been acting out alot at school , never had one problem before he has been going since he was 3 and has always loved it and been an angel. now he is screaming in class or crying and getting really worked up and trying to pinch the ohter children that get close to him i dont know what to do about that, the classroom is not special ed, what he is used to but they have tried and get a para to work with him and he is great at that time but yes behavior is affected by cp in my opinion i wish i remembered what kind of therepist told me about the disiplin issues he would have but it was 7 years ago i dont remember.i have 2 other children and i dont think it is parenting they are normal children with normal tantrums when they were smaller. but as for the routine i think it is important i am so lost and have to try and get him back on somewhat normal feeling schedule to him, he seems to do better when he dosnt feel stress from anyone else and when he is doing his thing, he likes to be alone and jump on the bed periodicly, well lay on his bed and bounce then he will get up and he loves spiderman he will watch that a couple times and we will all go and play outside finding clues and walking around the yard.but lots of new people in his life now so he is getting used to it here hopefully will be alright. best wishes with your little man.

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Re: Cerebral Palsy and Behavioral Issues

Postby madyiero » Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:41 pm

I personally am a child with cp. I have been known to have behavioral issues; everything is just so frustrating. I as a young child would not shower or bathe because I could not do it myself. I got angry when i couldn't do something and i screamed and cried all the time. i know this may not be very helpful... but i've never posted before...

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Re: Cerebral Palsy and Behavioral Issues

Postby lewnic » Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:41 pm

hi my son has the same condition as yours he is also 5 and when he kicked off it was bad he would try hurt himseld scratch himself hit walls basically go mental like i have never seen before. then one day a specialist mentioned to me that my son might also have some mild autism, then when i sat and thought about it explained alot he was basicall like that out of frustration sine i learned this i learned to disciplin him in a different way and it it seems to have worked. all i done was give him a quiet corner for him to calm down in because anything else i done like trying to talk to him just made him worse hope this helps x