Back arching and cerebral Palsy

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Back arching and cerebral Palsy

Postby geoP » Sat Aug 16, 2014 8:13 am

my son had some brain cysts and enlarged brain ventricles at birth. So far the cysts have resolved and the ventricles are at the upper normal range.

We think he might have CP, though not diagnosed yet.

He has had a strong back since birth and has always arched his back (head and part of his back). Some doctors called this as axial hypertonicity (another way of saying he has really strong back muscles).

Whenever on tummy he doesn't support his weight on his arms, but rather arch like a spring with his hands in the air. If he relaxes, like when he's asleep, he will allow to bring his chin to his chest. Otherwise he cries and resists the movement.

Did any of you encounter this kind of issue? if so, what has been the progress?
Thank you very much for answering,
/we have been doing PT since 2 months but haven't seen results to hope for a full recovery (he is 4 months old)