ataxic c.p

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ataxic c.p

Postby butterfly » Fri Sep 12, 2008 12:06 am

Hi everyone
I'm new here :)
I have a 18 yr old daughter with ataxic cerebral palsy
she has had A LOT of physio theraphy and when she was younger she had speech therapy and occupational therapy
she has also had a lot of operations to release tight muscles etc
question is her hands are quite shaky and lately picking up a glass has been rather difficult for her - especially when it is full
what should i do as she gets rather embarrassed about it all and hates drinking in public
also lately she has not been using her right hand much (as she said it is very hard) and im worried she will loose control etc and use of her hands especially hjer right one
please give me opinions

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Re: ataxic c.p

Postby Katie » Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:37 am

hey there my name is katie and iam 17 years old . I have got the same condion as your 18 year old daughter. I have Ataxic C.P I have had it since I was born and I nely died at birth coresd by a lack of oxgen. I nerly ended up in a wheelchair but iam lucky I can walk. I have learing difficulties. I'm giong to collage in september to do a foundation coures in - a dimloper in persoal progreess. My hands are very shakey when I come and try to do stuff. I have to have my dricks in a bottle incaes I spill it. I can'rt write propaly. When I reach the age of 20 or 21 I would like to be living indepeantly. I do volntry work in a play group with disabled children twice a week and I help out at a disabled sports club on a tuesday night with a dawnsydrome child. And on a thursday night I play disabled tennis. I have got to go and see a physio theraropist soon becaues I keep on getting back pains.
I hope to here from you soon
katiex :D

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Re: ataxic c.p

Postby r.e.walker1234 » Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:11 pm

Hi Katie - I am now under a new username - thanks for your reply. That's great about all your sporting adventures! Keep writing!