Cerebral Palsy game project

Here parents of children with Cerebral Palsy can post questions about caring for their child and get advice on special needs and care.

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Cerebral Palsy game project

Postby Porteous » Mon Sep 29, 2008 10:03 am

Hi all.

My name is Martin I'm a deisgn student at a university in Glasgow. I and my class have recently been asked to look at developing a toy which provides physical and cognitive development for children with cerebral palsy. The idea would be to develop a electro mechanical game that would allow a more normal interaction with other children and adults. I have only just begun to look into and research the potential of such a device to help children but obviously any help, advice or thoughts that any one has would be greatly appreciated. I will also post any progress I make as I develop the idea so feel free to criticize and add any thoughts you may have. The age group I`m looking at would be around six years of age but all thoughts and input are welcome.

Cheers :D

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Re: Cerebral Palsy game project

Postby claire265 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:42 am

Hi there, I am currently conducting a similar project and was wondering if you were able to get any useful feedback?