Advice needed with new job with child with cp

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Advice needed with new job with child with cp

Postby victoriaplum » Mon Oct 06, 2008 11:47 am

Hi guys!

I am new to this forum but hope you will be able to help me, although I am not a parent of a child with cp I am hopefully soon to be a carer in a school for a young boy with a mild case of cp.

My query concerns play times where the boy struggles to interact with his fellow peers due to his mobility problems and he gets tired very easily. I really want to help him be able to interact with his school friends and not feel left out. Does anyone have any advice they could give me on an activity I could do at play time which he could do with his friends or any other advice whatsoever.

He is dependent on crutches and a zimmerframe. He has weak hands.

Any comments welcome! Please do reply as I am stuck but really think I could make a difference in this child's school life :D

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Postby pamela62 » Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:56 am

I don't have suggestions for a specific activity since you didn't mention his age, but I can tell you from experience with my own son that once the other kids understand what he can do and that he is interested in playing/interacting with them, they will usually be very creative in including him. The key may not be so much getting the other kids ot do a modified activity, rather to include your child in the activity in a modified way.

For example, my son can't play basketball, but he loves to watch, and a group of boys at his daycare came up with a rule that anytime one of them made a basket they had to go over to the sideline and high-five my son. They all enjoyed it.
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