Twins: 1 has cp, 1 doesnt

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Twins: 1 has cp, 1 doesnt

Postby jd123 » Sat Oct 18, 2008 7:31 pm

I am curious, why one twin can have cp and the other doesn't. Is this common? Is the unafflicted child more likely to develop cp?

I would appreciate the knowledge.

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Postby 7callmemom » Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:37 pm

Hi! I was just wondering if you were asking this because it's your situation or just that you are see I have 10 month old twins and only one of them has cp. I was wondering myself how common that was.

The only answer I have for your question is to explain our situation...

Seth and Malachi were born at 33 weeks. Both were rushed to NICU before I even saw them. :cry: Seth's Apgar was only a 3, Malachi's a 6. Neither of them needed the ventilator, though they both needed c-pap for a few days.

They came home at 9 days, 5 days earlier than expected...three weeks later they both stopped breathing. RSV. They were rushed to a far away children's hospital where they were in the PICU for 27 days, about three weeks of that on ventilators.

Despite the fact that Malachi was the MUCH sicker of the two, Seth left that experience with cortical visual impairment and CP (I've heard they often go hand in hand). Malachi is actually ahead of normal in development according to testing.

go figure.

A developmental ped explained to me a few days ago that Seth was "6 fold" more likely to have CP because the boys shared a placenta in utero and he obviously was the donor twin, with Malachi (the parasitic twin) "stealing" food, oxygen, and blood from him.

Malachi is not any more likely than any other child to develop CP. CP is a one time brain injury from my (limited) understanding.

Hope this helps!