Cerebral Palsy improves after bone marrow stem cells

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Cerebral Palsy improves after bone marrow stem cells

Postby Devon » Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:28 pm

Cerebral Palsy improves after bone marrow stem cell procedure

Mission Viejo, California -- June 30, 2009 – Dr David Steenblock, pioneer in clinical applications of stem cells, is pleased to report the results of a 16 year old girl who suffered from Cerebral Palsy. The patient had right side paralysis and spasticity since birth. The procedure consisted of removing 300 milliliters of bone marrow from her hip and giving it back to her intravenously. Five hours after the raw bone marrow infusion, E.H. was able to move her right toe for the first time in her life. That evening, she was able to walk, stepping heel to toe on her right foot. By the next day she was able to straighten out and use her right arm and wrist for the first time ever. E.H. was also able to move her fingers on her right hand and hold a cup for the first time within three weeks.

"This has been the easiest and most successful treatment she has ever received!” The excited mother exclaimed.
The dramatic success of this procedure will increase cerebral palsy treatment options.
Contained within a patient’s bone marrow are stem cells which when given back to the same person intravenously, repair tissue(s) that have been damaged, even if the event occurred over sixteen years ago.
EH Was also given Stemgevity to help the production of Stem Cells
For more information call 800-300-1063.