Different Types of Physical Therapy

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Different Types of Physical Therapy

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Physical therapists specialize in treating patients with joints, tendons, ligaments and bone dysfunction, particularly in treating injuries due to sports activities, joint inflammation and amputations. Patients will be evaluated by the therapist to determine the source of the pain and the severity of their cases. Some techniques and approaches will also be applied to make the treatment process more effective and successful.

Others when they think about of physical therapy, they usually refers and focused on sports or any physical education training such an exercise. But in some other cases there is what we could types of physical therapy which we can used exactly, appropriately in a right way.

Orthopedic Physical therapy
This type of physical therapy is commonly found in out-patient department for hospitals and clinical settings for private practices. Orthopedic physical therapists perform post-surgery rehabilitation of patients who would want to heal with better functions of their body most especially with joint mobilizations, strength and agility and stabilizing their bones, ligaments and tendons. This would require patients to visit weekly or upon the doctor’s advice.

In this area it deals with evaluating, managing, diagnosing and treating injuries from the muscle and skeletal system in our body or letting the patient undergo rehabilitation right after operation.

Neurological Physical Therapy
Those people who suffer from neurological disease, Alzheimer’s disease, brain damage, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and other injuries from the nervous system need to undergo neurological physical therapy. Failure to undergo this therapy will lessen their motor skill and cannot perform certain activities as injury of the brain and spinal cord can cause death of cells that control movements and sensations.

The therapy itself will help the patient to improve or restore the dysfunctional part of the body, recovering the patient from having to lose functional independence, poor balance and inability to ambulate.

Geriatric Physical therapy
Focuses on older adults and it is a medical specialty for those people who continue the process of aging. This will help them build and maintain their confidence and remain active in spite of their age.

Osteoporosis, joint inflammation (arthritis), Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and replacement of the joint and hips may be rehabilitated through the use of this type of physical therapy. It helps restore mobility and reduces pain. It also provides additional benefits to your body.

Cardiovascular Physical Therapy
This is the type of therapy that is performed to the patients who have suffered problems from heart, lung and circulatory system.

Pediatric Physical Therapy
Geriatric physical therapy focuses on the older persons while Pediatric Physical therapy focuses on the young ones aged below 18. This refers to the child who suffers orthopedic injury, or those children who suffered diseases in their early childhood and need to undergo therapy.