Oral Baclofen for my three year old

Baclofen is a medicine currently being used for Cerebral Palsy. If you use Baclofen or have a Intrathecal Baclofen pump, post your experiences or questions here.

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Oral Baclofen for my three year old

Postby kamsmom » Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:41 am

My little boy is three years old and has just started oral baclofen. I wanted to know if anyone has seen the medicine help their child? My boy takes it to reduce the spacitity in his legs. Did the medicine make your child out of it or tired? How long has you or child been taking the medicine? Please email me with your experience. thanks

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Re: Oral Baclofen for my three year old

Postby admin » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:50 am

Hi Kamsmom,
I do use oral baclofen from time to time to supplement my intrathecal baclofen treatments. I do notice some difference when taking the medication but not as much as the baclofen pump I have installed. I haven't heard feedback from many people with CP regarding the baclofen pills but I did work with someone who had MS and used it frequently. She explained that many times she could not sleep at night due to the spasams in her body caused by MS but she would see the symptoms go away as soon as she took her daily dose of oral baclofen. Not sure if it would have the same affect with Cerebral Palsy but keep him on it for a few weeks and see how it goes. It does take the body some time to adjust to the medication and the tired or foggy feeling he is having should go away as the body adjusts. Keep us updated and good luck! Not sure if you have tried the botox injections but they usually shoot for that treatment in younger children.

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Re: Oral Baclofen for my three year old

Postby tm14 » Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:01 am


I have left a more detailed response on the other parent's (Nathan's) post.

I am a 20-year-old college student and have been taking oral baclofen since I was 15. For me, I wish my mom had let me be tired for a while when they tried it on me when I was younger. A lot of the drowsiness does go away with time, and the long-term benefits are definitely worth it.

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