How do I know if there is a water leak in the tank?

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How do I know if there is a water leak in the tank?

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How do I know if there is a water leak in the tank?
How do I know the location of the water leakage in the tank? First, it is necessary to determine the type of tank, whether it is ground or upper.

Because the signs of water leakage are different from the upper tank than in the ground tank.

First signs of leakage from the upper tank:
Signs of leakage from the upper tank The presence of water around the tank as a result of a hole in the tank body from the inside or outside.
Also, the surface around it is always wet, in addition to the lack of water inside it, without any difference in the consumption process.
Or you feel that the water bill is high and you feel that you have not consumed all this amount of water, here you must stop and use a tank maintenance worker or detect water leaks in the tank.
As the defect may not have anything to do with the tank, there may be a defect in any of the pipes that were connected to the tank on any floor of the building. How do you detect a water leak
Therefore, all pipes that connect to the tank must be inspected to detect and treat water leakage.
Secondly, signs of leakage from the underground tank
Leakage from a ground tank is much more dangerous than a leak in an overhead tank.
As the leakage in the upper tank means water leakage in the foundations, and this means a threat to the whole building.
Leakage in the ground tank means that the water in the reservoir is mixed with untreated groundwater or mixed with wastewater, which are two very dangerous matters, and they must be addressed.
In this case, a water leak detection company must be used to find out exactly where the leak is in the tank.
This is because the underground tank often has a large capacity and it is very difficult to determine the type and location of the leak, just to see with the eye.
Water leak detection devices
In the past, experience was the origin and the main factor in knowing the location of water leakage.

Therefore, a person was subjected to demolishing or breaking a lot of his possessions, such as pipes, floors, and others, which made the person bear a lot of costs. Riyadh Water Leak Detection Company

Now, there are a group of modern devices that detect the location of the leak with great accuracy, keeping the person away from useless demolition and cracking, and among those devices are the following:

Remote sensing devices emit a kind of vibration-like signal when approaching the leak site.
Ultrasound devices, which are similar to the x-ray device that is used for diagnosis in humans, as they detect what is in the wall of pipes and find out the cause of the problem.
A group of equipment and tools that are used to facilitate the work, as it was no longer a difficult and time-consuming process.
Frequently Asked Questions
The problem of water leakage is great, but it can be overcome simply, and that is why people ask many questions, which is how do I know the location of the leak, with another set of questions, including:

Is there water leakage from the underground tank?
Yes, it may seep into the sewage or groundwater, and here it is a big problem as it changes the characteristics of the water that a person may ingest.

When I swim in my private pool I find that some tiles under the pool move Is this a problem?
Yes, it is a big problem. Therefore, you must contact the maintenance worker who removes these tiles, and makes sure that there are pipes under that slab and whether they are intact or not.

Suddenly my water bill rose, why?
The cause may be a leak in some of your water sources, the cause must be searched and fixed.
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