Creating a new cerebral palsy cup

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Creating a new cerebral palsy cup

Postby MedEngineerStudent » Mon May 08, 2017 9:55 pm

I'm a university student who is designing a cup specifically for people with cerebral palsy.
I need some input from people with the disease and would greatly appreciate any help from anyone with experience!

Below are some questions that would greatly help the project. Any response is a good response!

1. What do you find the most challenging about using standard drinking cups (i.e. not assistive drinking devices)?
2. Are you able to use standard drinking cups or do you rely on assistive drinking devices?
3. Are you completely satisfied with the appearance of assistive drinking devices on the market (e.g. how discrete or attractive they look)? What don’t you like about the way they look?
4. Do you prefer to have a handle on whatever vessel you’re drinking from?
5. Do you find it necessary to have a fully enclosed lid on any vessel you’re drinking from?
6. Is the weight of cups and the liquid inside an issue for you when lifting a cup to drink from it?
7. Do you have any other comments about assistive drinking devices you would like to see available for purchase?

Thank you