Need help finding adult CP care for 55 year old

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Need help finding adult CP care for 55 year old

Postby ssjd2000 » Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:12 am

I am writing in hopes of finding resources for my Grandmother who is still taking care of her 55 year old daughter
24-7. This person with CP is my aunt. She has Spastic quadriplegia CP from what I can determine. They live in Kansas.
My grandmother would never put her in a place where they would be separated. She really needs in home care. They live on some type of monthly payment given to them for disabilities. Money is a factor, since they do not have a lot. My grandmother has been her daughters full time care giver since she was born and they found out she had CP. The husband/father left early in my aunts life upon diagnosis because my grandmother would not put her in a "home". My grandmother has bathed, feed, and dressed her everyday since she was born and now need to rest and try to not work so hard in the last years of her life. My grandmother is physically exhausted and actually is currently injured from falling down the stairs. This makes my Aunts care even harder.
Any ideas for me of where to start looking? I just want to give my grandmother a helper so she doesn't have to work so hard.

Thankfully the research and treatment of CP has taken such an advanced turn from when my aunt was young.

Thanks for any ideas given!